What are the strengths of COLPROPUR compared to other collagen-based supplements?

Compared to others

Why is it important to choose a natural hydrolysed collagen, as for instance, COLPROPUR?

The process to obtain HC Colpropur is exclusive and unique, and it is the only one using enzymatic and physical processes instead of using chemicals. This exclusive production process, which safety is assured by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA Q-2007-085), avoids undesired wastes on the product that are obtained at the chemical pre-digestions when producing gelatines or other hydrolysed collagens. This is remarkable specially for daily and long-consumed products.

COLPROPUR does neither use additives or sugars, in contrast with most of the other food supplements that need them to mask unpleasant flavours. Besides, those would be unnecessary extra calories which are not convenient for overweight or diabetic people.

Furthermore, COLPROPUR products do not contain fats, cholesterol, synthetic sweeteners, allergens (gluten, lactose, seafood, nuts…), dyes, preservatives or GMO’s.

Is marine collagen more effective than collagen from land animals?

No. This argument has no scientific foundation. The benefits and properties of collagen hydrolyzate have no bearing on the animal species from which they come, since collagen is a protein with an amino acid composition that is very similar in all species and animal tissues. Contrary to consumer belief, marine collagen does not come from algae; rather, it comes from fish bones, scales and skin. It is made up of the same amino acids and in very similar proportions to the collagen from any other animal species. What determines the quality of a collagen supplement is not the animal species of origin, but rather its bioavailability and food safety.

Its bioavailability (percentage that can be digested by the body) will depend on the level of hydrolysis or fragmentation of collagen, which only depends on the production process. Only collagen from advanced hydrolysis is small enough so that, once digested, it can cross the intestinal barrier and, via the bloodstream, be distributed to all tissues of the body, providing them with specific amino acids of collagen so that the cells can synthesize collagen tissue.

In terms of safety, this will depend on where the raw material has come from and whether it has been treated with the same health and safety and traceability standards applicable to any food product and that, as with COLPROPUR, no chemical substances are involved during the manufacturing process that may leave residues in the end product, which is not recommended for a product for daily, continuous use.

What about shark cartilage?

Shark cartilage, as with that of any animal, has high collagen content. However, the efficacy of collagen as a nutritional supplement does not depend on the animal it comes from, but only from its end content of digestible and pure collagen. If a product really does come from shark fin, as this raw material has a high cost, the dose of digestible collagen that will be offered is far from the effective dose (10 grams). Its effect will therefore be very limited or non-existent, not to mention the cruelty involved in finning (throwing the live animal back into the sea, once the dorsal fin has been cut off).

Is a type I or type II collagen more effective than a Collagen Hydrolyzate?

No. The “type” of collagen refers to the morphology of its fibre, as found in the body’s tissues (in particular type I is the most widespread and is found in the skin, bones, etc., whereas type II basically forms the fibres of tissue cartilage). Therefore, if a collagen maintains a certain “type”, it means that it still retains its fibres meaning that, taken orally, it would not be digestible or available for our body, because our digestive system is unable to break it down. Consequently, it cannot be used and would be excreted.

In contrast, when a collagen has been hydrolyzed (pre-digested) as has COLPROPUR, we can talk about the type it comes from (in this case COLPROPUR mainly comes from collagen type I and II, as it is obtained from bone tissue and joints), but it does not actually present any specific typology because it does not form fibres, rather it is a broth, a mixture of peptides resulting from the fragmentation of native collagen (which is found in animal tissues). This makes it very absorbable, digestible and bioavailable.

What is “plant collagen”?

Collagen is a structural protein found only in humans and animals. Its function is to protect and facilitate movement and getting around. Plants do not contain collagen, nor do they need it, as they carry out their vital functions perfectly from the same spot. So-called “plant collagens” are not proteins but polysaccharides, such as guar gum or carrageenan, with a completely different composition to collagen. Taking it does not provide the benefits of acollagen hydrolyzate, such as COLPROPUR.

What is the difference between taking COLPROPUR and taking gelatine?

Although gelatine also provides digestible collagen, the amount is much lower than that provided by a pure collagen hydrolyzate such as COLPROPUR. This is because the gelatine has been broken down much less than collagen hydrolyzate in such a way that its intestinal absorption is much less. Therefore, in the short and medium term, taking 10 grams of gelatine daily does not bring the same benefits as if the same amount of COLPROPUR is taken.

Moreover, food-grade gelatine does not dissolve in cold substances and can only be taken in gel form, usually as part of a sweet dessert, which implies an unnecessary calorie consumption. In addition, the usual process of obtaining food-grade gelatine involves the use of chemicals (acids or alkalis) that could leave a residue in the product, which is not recommended for daily and continuous use.

Why is it important that COLPROPUR does not contain fats and sugars?

The presence of fats and sugars (fructose, dextrose, lactose, sucrose…) in a food product that is consumed daily is not advisable because, when taken in excess, it increases cardiovascular risk (increased triglycerides) and provides unnecessary calories which are harmful to people who are overweight or who want to control their weight as a health measure. In addition, sugars are not suitable for diabetics.

Why is it important that COLPROPUR does not contain colourings, sweeteners, preservatives or allergens?

It is very important that a food product for daily and continuous use over time, such as COLPROPUR, does not present the slightest risk of intolerances, allergies or negative side effects and, above all, that it does not contain additives or chemical residues, which can build up in the body causing undesirable effects over time.

Why is it important that the CH is obtained by a process that does not use chemical substances?

The daily consumption of 10 grams of collagen hydrolyzate (CH) is an effective dietary supplement to slow down collagen tissue loss but, like all foods, the effects cease when it is no longer consumed.

This implies that unlike medicines, taking CH should be continued over a long period of time, almost half of your life. Therefore, it is very important that COLPROPUR CH, unlike gelatines and other collagens on the market, has been obtained through an innovative process, the safety of which has been approved by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA-Q-2004-085), that does not use chemicals and, therefore, does not leave chemical residues in the product that could, over the years, build up in the body.

Together with its status as a pure food product, this characteristic of 100% CH unmixed with other substances or additives makes COLPROPUR a totally safe food product for daily and continuous use.

What are the advantages of COLPROPUR for a physiological well-being?

Advantages of COLPROPUR

Joint discomfort and pain (osteoarthritis)

COLPROPUR is especially suitable as a nutritional supplement for the prevention and treatment of disorders related to the wear and tear and deterioration of joint cartilage. This tissue, that covers the ends of the joint bones (epiphyses) to avoid friction during movement, has an internal structure formed by collagen. When the collagenous matrix of the cartilage diminishes and deteriorates, it thins, loses strength and ceases to perform its shock-absorbing function, which means joint movement causes friction between the bone surfaces, causing pain and discomfort.

COLPROPUR provides immediate and readily available specific nutrients (amino acids inherent to collagen) that the specialized cartilage cells producing this tissue (chondrocytes) use to perform their function. Scientific studies have proven that the presence of collagen hydrolyzate stimulates chondrocytes, which react by synthesizing (producing) joint collagen and the other cartilage components (proteoglycans and hyaluronic acid), regenerating cartilage tissue.

Clinically, this results in a marked decrease in joint pain through wear (osteoarthritis), which is usually seen between 1 and 3 months of taking 10 grams of COLPROPUR a day. The benefits of taking collagen hydrolyzate for joint cartilage are backed by rigorous clinical trials and other scientific studies which can be viewed on this website.

Osteopenia and osteoporosis

COLPROPUR is also very suitable as nutritional supplement for the prevention and treatment of disorders related to loss of bone mass. Bone is composed of a collagenous matrix (40% of its dry weight) which binds calcium salts. When the collagen forming this matrix is lost and deteriorates, the calcium salts lose their support and break away (decalcification). Regardless of how much calcium and vitamin D we consume, the calcium will not bind onto the bone while the deterioration of the bone matrix advances. In addition, consuming an excess of calcium which is not used could mean it ends up deposited in the kidneys and arteries.
Taking 10 grams of COLPROPUR a day helps to regenerate the collagenous bone matrix, enabling its subsequent remineralization and making use of the calcium consumed. However, since the bone metabolism is slow, to check the benefits of COLPROPUR on the bone tissue, annual densitometries must be compared using the same apparatus and reference bone. The benefits that consuming collagen hydrolyzate have on bone metabolism are also backed by scientific studies, which are available on this website.


COLPROPUR is highly recommended to help relieve the symptoms of fibromyalgia, especially musculoskeletal pain. According to recent studies, this is due to the fact that the consumption of collagen hydrolyzate helps to strengthen the intramuscular connective tissue, that is present in smaller amounts in people with this condition.

Psoriasis, rheumatoid arthritis and psoriatic arthritis

Although these are disorders which affect collagenous tissues (skin and joints), in these cases the benefits of COLPROPUR are not so visible. This is due to the fact that the autoimmune origin of these diseases cannot be remedied by food, although COLPROPUR can help to relieve some of the effects. Only when the source of the deterioration resides in the wear and loss of collagen caused by overuse and/or age, COLPROPUR helps to alleviate the source of the deterioration and its results. In any case, even with autoimmune diseases, it is worth trying COLPROPUR as it may be a help: taking it does not suppose any risk but it could bring many possibilities for improvement.

Joint hypermobility syndrome

Joint hypermobility is a malformation of collagen fibres, of genetic origin, which is characterised by abnormally flexible joints and is usually accompanied by a series of varying degrees of discomfort (muscle and joint pain, cracking joints, joint bleeds, sprained ankles, recurring torticollis, tendinitis, capsulitis, dislocations, back pain, scoliosis…). As is the case with immune disorders, the genetic alternation cannot be corrected through food. These alterations result in the production of abnormal collagen fibres making them vulnerable to injuries, but it is also worth seeing, as there is no risk involved, how much COLPROPUR may help with these cases.

Weak and brittle nails and hair

Hair and nails are extensions of the most external layer of the skin (epidermis) generated by the same cells responsible for the synthesis of collagen (fibroblasts). These corneal elements are made up of keratin, a fibrous protein that shares 16 amino acids with collagen (almost all, except cysteine, very abundant in wheat germ and brewer’s yeast, food products that also favour the good condition of hair and nails. The consumption of a collagen hydrolyzate, such as COLPROPUR, provides, via nutrition, these 16 amino acids that are common between collagen and keratin. It supports the fibroblasts, not only in collagen tissue synthesis, but also in the synthesis of keratin which makes up the hair and nails, strengthening these structures.

Women’s health

COLPROPUR is very suitable for women from the stage of perimenopause, as a drop in hormone levels related to the menopause accelerates the loss of collagen, increasing the appearance of joint pain, loss of bone mass and skin aging, among other changes.

Taking 10 grams of COLPROPUR every day is an effective nutritional supplement to remedy, prevent and delay the onset of these effects, simply and naturally, with no side effects and total safety for prolonged use.

Sports lovers’ health

Intense and repetitive physical exercise causes premature wear of the collagen making up the tissues of the musculoskeletal system, especially cartilages, tendons, ligaments and intramuscular connective tissues. This is why many sportsmen and women have prematurely aging joints, suffering from joint pain and discomfort, and recurring muscle and tendon injuries.

Taking 10 grams of COLPROPUR each day helps to prevent and remedy the wear caused by overusing collagen from these structures and the consequences, immediately providing and making readily available specific nutrients (amino acids inherent to collagen protein) which stimulate and facilitate the function of the specialised cells in producing collagen. As a result, we are able to keep joints healthy, providing more resistance to injuries and better and faster recovery from injuries, when they occur.

Senior’s health

From 25 years old our cells begin to gradually lose their ability to synthesise collagen. The effects of this loss cannot be seen straight away but between 45-50 years old the effects are already more noticeable in the tissues with an internal structure made of this protein: joint pain (osteoarthritis), loss of bone mass and decalcification (osteopenia and osteoporosis), a higher risk of suffering muscle and tendon injuries, skin sagging and aging… changes that are increasingly affecting a higher number of people as we get older. At advanced ages, practically everyone suffers from these conditions.

Taking 10 grams of COLPROPUR a day is an effective nutritional supplement to naturally counteract the decline in activity of cells producing collagen, as it immediately provides them with the specific amino acids required for this protein, helping them to create collagen tissue, stimulating them to synthesise tissue and shifting the turnover towards synthesis and not toward resorption. This translates into an improvement in the condition of the tissues made up of this protein and a slowdown in deterioration, improving the mobility, appearance and quality of life of seniors.

Skin aging

COLPROPUR is highly recommended to help correct and prevent skin aging and its signs (wrinkles, sagging skin…), since both are a result of the loss and deterioration of collagen fibre and elastin in the dermis, responsible for smooth skin. The most effective and natural replenishment of these proteins is via food, from the inside (not topically with creams), through the bloodstream, which will transport nutrients to the skin. As in other tissues made up of collagen, COLPROPUR immediately provides readily available specific nutrients (amino acids of the collagen protein) that specialize in regenerating skin cells (fibroblasts), facilitating and encouraging their function. This results in improved skin smoothness and elasticity as well as a reduction in skin wrinkles.
Although marketing has led us to believe that the daily use of beauty creams is beneficial for skincare, taking 10 grams of COLPROPUR every day is much more effective and economical, with the advantage that COLPROPUR also enables us to take care of the other collagen tissues (joints, bones, muscle and tendon connective tissue…), helping to improve their health and mobility. The benefits that consuming collagen hydrolyzate have on the skin are backed by scientific studies that are available on this website.

Surgery, implantology, orthopaedics and physical medicine

Due to its special regenerative capacity of collagenic tissues, COLPROPUR is a nutrient that it is highly recommended to prescribe before a cosmetic surgical procedure, implant or treatment (several months beforehand, if possible) and after the procedure. Taking COLPROPUR helps to strengthen the tissues that are going to be affected by these procedures and will facilitate fast and optimal recovery without the risk of intolerances, incompatibilities or side effects.

And what about compatibility?


Why was digestible collagen not considered a necessary nutrient in our diet until recently?

Collagen was listed as a protein of low biological value that was not essential in our regular diet, due to the fact it only contains 16% of essential amino acids (those that we should consume directly with food because our cells cannot obtain them from other amino acids coming from food). However, the discovery of conditionally essential amino acids (those that become essential in certain circumstances) has completely changed this perception, since collagen contains 60% of these amino acids.

Therefore, aging cells (corresponding to people aged between 40-50 years old) and those that are part of tissues subjected to premature wear (such as joint and muscle and tendon systems in sports lovers or people who do regular physical exercise) need a supply of digestible collagen through food, enabling them to directly obtain the conditional amino acids provided by this protein, avoiding the expense, time and energy which would be needed to transform other amino acids into those inherent to collagen. As a result tissue turnover shifts towards synthesis and the tissue regenerates.

Why in certain situations is it important to prescribe a daily nutritional supplement of hydrolyzed (very digestible) collagen?

Collagen is the essential protein of joints, muscles, bones and skin and many organ tissues, providing them with shape, strength and flexibility.

In situations of tissue stress (caused by age or wear), supplementing the diet with a collagen hydrolyzate, such as COLPROPUR, provides the cells with the nutrients (amino acids) specific to collagen, facilitating their efforts in making (synthesising) collagen tissue. With this, we help to nourish and regenerate collagen tissue and organ tissues, the structure of which is formed by this protein.

Can digestible collagen be obtained from regular foods?

It can be obtained from eating foods made from animal tissues that are rich in collagen (skin, ligaments, tendons, bones, fish bones, scales, etc.) that have undergone slow-cooking, such as natural broths of meat (with bones) or fish (with skin and bones), tripe, pig’s trotters, etc. However, these foods, in addition to requiring long preparation times, are usually accompanied by a high fat content, so they are not common in our daily diet. Food-grade gelatine also provides digestible collagen, however their bioavailability is much lower than that of a pure collagen hydrolyzate such as COLPROPUR, and, unlike this nutrient, they are obtained through chemical processes, therefore they are not very suitable for a product for daily consumption.

Why is taking COLPROPUR the best way to incorporate digestible collagen into our diet?

Collagen hydrolyzate (CH) is the most digestible form of collagen. COLPROPUR is a pure product, made solely and exclusively from CH, obtained through a single natural process, approved by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA Q-2004-085), which does not use chemical products. This reduces the risk of the presence of undesirable residues in the end product, resulting from the chemical extractions commonly used in the manufacturing process for other collagen hydrolyzate or gelatine.

Due to its purity, high bioavailability, high food safety levels and lack of health risks, COLPROPUR is the only food product that allows us to reap the benefits of CH on a continuous basis. It is a healthy habit that can be followed for life, which helps us to naturally and effectively prevent, remedy and slow down the loss and deterioration of collagen tissue and its consequences, especially: joint pain, loss of bone mass, muscle and tendon injuries and skin aging.

Where does COLPROPUR come from?

COLPROPUR comes from traceable food-grade raw materials of porcine origin (bone tissue and joints rich in collagen protein), subject to the same health and safety food standards as meat intended for human consumption, within the food chain and without interrupting the cold chain at any time.

Why do we say that COLPROPUR is a natural product?

COLPROPUR is a natural food product in terms of origin and process. It comes from natural, traceable and food-grade raw materials of porcine origin (bone tissue and joints rich in collagen protein) subject to the same health and safety food standards as meat intended for human consumption, and it is made through only natural processes (cooking and enzymes) without the addition of chemical products. In addition, it acts naturally, nourishing our cells via the oral and gastrointestinal routes.

Can taking COLPROPUR every day be a health risk?

Not at all, since collagen hydrolyzate is a food ingredient with a long history of use, which has proven to be completely safe and free from intolerances and side effects. In addition, as it is a pure collagen hydrolyzate that is not mixed with other ingredients, COLPROPUR is legally categorised as a food product, with a higher safety level than supplements, meaning it does not require rest periods.

What amount should be taken daily and why?

Studies have shown that to obtain benefits in the short to medium-term (within three months), you must take 10 grams of collagen hydrolyzate each day, since the effect is dose-dependent and is not produced by taking amounts lower than 7 grams/day. Although 10 grams may seem a high amount compared to the usual doses of supplements or medicines, we must remember that COLPROPUR is not a supplement or a medicine but a food product. In addition, collagen is the most abundant protein in our body, which we need to renew to maintain the full functionality of the many tissues that make it up.

Moreover, 10 grams of protein is a completely safe amount, representing only 16% of the maximum total daily amount of protein that WHO (World Health Organization) recommends an adult consumes.

Why is COLPROPUR sold in powder and not in tablets, capsules or pills?

The regenerative effect of collagen hydrolyzate (CH) cannot be obtained at doses lower than 10 grams/day (RDA). Due to their size, tablets, capsules or pills normally contain about 0.5 grams of CH. Therefore, to ensure the benefits provided by this protein are obtained, at least 20 tablets would need to be taken daily. The powder form of COLPROPUR enables the recommended daily amount to be taken at once.

What would happen if more than the recommended amount is consumed?

COLPROPUR is a pure food, which is completely safe. It can be taken indefinitely without being a health risk. However, any food or nutrient consumed in excess can be harmful. In the case of COLPROPUR, as a precaution, it is recommended that the RDA (Recommended daily amount = 10 grams daily) is not exceeded as a matter of course, because its effects at higher amounts have not been studied and clinical trials prove that the health benefits are perfectly achievable by taking the RDA as part of a varied, balanced diet.

Which is the most effective way to take COLPROPUR?

We recommend taking 10 grams of COLPROPUR within a liquid that you typically consume (milk on its own or with coffee, chocolate, etc; juices, yogurts, herbal teas or water) at breakfast, or a meal prior to commencing daily activity to ensure maximum benefits for the joints, since joint cartilage lacks blood vessels and requires movement of the joint so that the nutrients (in this case the amino acids in the collagen provided by COLPROPUR) reach them through the synovial fluid. If the dose is taken before going to sleep, the skin, bones and connective tissue will benefit during the period of rest, but it will make it more difficult for the collagen amino acids to get to the cartilage.

COLPROPUR can be taken in one or more servings throughout the day, but studies have shown that a single daily serving of 10 grams, as well as being practical, is sufficient to guarantee the required concentration of amino acids in the blood needed to promote regenerative processes in the collagen tissues.

In addition, COLPROPUR is a very digestible and stable food product, so it is not necessary to take precautions such as taking it on an empty stomach or between meals, and it is not altered by being mixed with very hot or cold liquids (although this may make it more difficult to dissolve).

How long before the results are seen?

This will depend on the age of the consumer and their initial condition. Generally a difference can be seen between 1 and 3 months.

Besides the improvement experienced by patients or consumers and the time it takes to be seen, from the first moment they take COLPROPUR, they are helping to reduce and delay the loss and deterioration of their own collagen and its consequences, which means an improvement in their quality of life by maintaining good mobility and physical appearance.

How long can it be taken for?

Indefinitely, as it is a totally safe pure food product without health risks. Furthermore, it is important not to stop taking it because, as a food, its benefits are maintained by continuing to take it daily, at the recommended RDA (10 grams).

At what age can we start prescribing it?

Because of its nature as a food product and its lack of side effects, COLPROPUR can be taken at any age. Moreover, since our current diet is lacking digestible collagen, the sooner a totally safe source of digestible collagen, such as COLPROPUR, is incorporated into the regular diet the sooner it can begin to help prevent, slow down and delay the consequences of the loss and deterioration of collagen tissue.