Collagen hydrolyzate (CH) is a protein nutrient which, when adequately obtained and presented and following the guidelines, produces an increased synthesis of tissue collagen and other components of the extracellular matrix, acting as a regenerator of collagenous tissues.

CH provides the amino acids inherent to collagen making them immediately and easily available for cells that specialise in synthesising this protein, stimulating and facilitating their development with a minimum spend in time and energy. It shifts the synthesis/resorption balance of collagenous tissues (turnover) towards synthesis, promoting tissue regeneration and slowing down deterioration and loss of functionality.

The COLPROPUR®, range is formed of food products, in totally soluble powder form, having as a principal component a pure CH (no chemical residues) with maximum food safety and tolerance, produced by Protein S.A. It comes from traceable food-grade raw materials of porcine origin (bone and joint tissue), always within the food and cold chain. It is obtained through an exclusive process in which only physical and enzymatic means are used (with no added chemicals). COLPROPUR® having the safety specifically validated by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA Q-2004-085).

The main features of the base product of this range, COLPROPUR CARE, are:

  • PURE

    No chemical residues

    In origin, production process and the way it works
  • SAFE

    Does not require rest periods and can be taken by children and pregnant women

    With medicines and nutritional supplements
COLPROPUR CARE, asimilable collagen, hydrolized collagen

    Benefits can be seen from between 1 to 3 months

    Good digestibility and high bioavailability


Taking 10 grams/day of COLPROPUR® is a healthy recommended habit for all ages and circumstances, especially for risk groups (over 40s, sports people, etc.) due to:

  • A shortage of digestible collagen in modern diets.
  • The need to use sustainable alternatives without side effects to treat chronic and degenerative musculoskeletal diseases such as arthritis, osteoporosis, ligament, muscle and tendon injuries, fibromyalgia and sarcopenia.

From a nutritional point of view, COLPROPUR® presents the following properties:

  • Provides 16% essential amino acids (all are present in its composition, except tryptophan).
  • Provides 60% of conditional amino acids (essential in the event of cellular stress, such as those which affect aging or overused collagenous tissues), especially the characteristics of collagen (Gli, Pro, Hpro, Hlis) which make up 49% of the product.
  • Contains glycine, arginine and methionine, 3 amino acid precursors in the synthesis of creatine (ATP regenerator, source of energy in the muscles).