COLPROPUR in 10 points


1. Collagen

Collagen is the most abundant protein in human and animal bodies. It is the core component of the tissues that form our joints (cartilage, ligaments and tendons), bones, skin and connective tissue that protect our muscles and organs. It also forms part of the wall of the blood vessels, cornea, scalp, gums and dentine.

It is a purely animal protein, the function of which is to form the structure or internal framework that gives shape, density, strength and flexibility to all these tissues.

2. Effects of the loss of collagen tissue

With age or premature deterioration caused by sport, physical exercise or being overweight, collagen tissue is lost and damaged, causing: aches and joint pain (osteoarthritis), bone decalcification (osteopenia and osteoporosis), skin aging and increased tendency to injury, among other disorders.

3. How to slow down the loss of collagen tissue

Scientific studies have shown that supplementing our diet with 10 grams of pure digestible collagen a day, naturally and effectively helps to reduce collagen loss and maintain tissues whose structure is formed by this protein, with the accompanying consequences for our body.

4. What is COLPROPUR and why prescribe it

COLPROPUR is a food product made exclusively of hydrolyzed (pre-digested) collagen protein, in the form of a soluble granulated powder. This nutrient is very easily digested and is obtained from natural raw materials (porcine bone tissue and joints) using equally natural processes (cooking and enzymes) with no added chemicals. All the ingredients are food-grade and traceable. It does not contain fats, sugars, additives, allergens, GMOs or potentially harmful chemical residues.
In situations of tissue aging or stress, COLPROPUR provides the specific conditionally essential amino acids of collagen, making it readily available, helping to nourish and regenerate this protein and the tissues it makes up. This helps to remedy and slow down the loss and degradation of collagen tissue and becomes a natural and effective way to strengthen joints, bones and skin, helping to reduce and delay the onset of:

  • Aches and joint pain from non auto-immune origin (osteoarthritis).
  • Loss of bone mass and decalcification (osteopenia and osteoporosis).
  • Aging skin.

It also helps to strengthen collagen tissues, making them more resistant to injury and fractures, while reducing the recovery time, when relevant.

5. Why is it important to choose a natural hydrolysed collagen, as for instance, COLPROPUR?

The process to obtain HC Colpropur is exclusive and unique, and it is the only one using enzymatic and physical processes instead of using chemicals. This exclusive production process, which safety is assured by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA Q-2007-085), avoids undesired wastes on the product that are obtained at the chemical pre-digestions when producing gelatines or other hydrolysed collagens. This is remarkable specially for daily and long-consumed products.

COLPROPUR does neither use additives or sugars, in contrast with most of the other food supplements that need them to mask unpleasant flavours. Besides, those would be unnecessary extra calories which are not convenient for overweight or diabetic people.

Furthermore, COLPROPUR products do not contain fats, cholesterol, synthetic sweeteners, allergens (gluten, lactose, seafood, nuts…), dyes, preservatives or GMO’s.

6. People or situacions for which it is beneficial

COLPROPUR can be taken at all ages and for all situations, but there are situations and people for which it is particularly beneficial:

  • People with osteoarthritis, osteopenia or osteoporosis, or a family history of early development of these diseases.
  • People over 40, especially women, and seniors.
  • Sports lovers and people of all ages who do regular exercise.
  • Skincare.
  • Overweight people.
  • Adolescents in a stage of rapid growth.
  • Fractures and injuries.
  • Surgical procedures or implants.
  • Fibromyalgia.
  • Post-cancer treatments.
7. Dosage and method of use

The RDA (Recommended daily amount) is 10 grams (the entire contents of the dose-dispenser or a single-dose sachet), which should preferably be taken with breakfast, dissolved in a liquid that you typically consume: animal or plant milk (on its own or with or with coffee or chocolate), smoothies, yogurt, tea, herbal teas, juices, water…

As it is a food product (not a supplement), it is totally safe. No rest periods are required and it can be taken indefinitely.

8. Intolerances, allergies, incompatibilities or side effects

COLPROPUR is a totally safe food product which does not cause intolerances, allergies or side effects.

It is also compatible with medications or supplements and contraindications have not been described for patients with any illness, except those with phenylketonuria, due to the natural content of phenylalanine (2%). As with any protein-based source of food, consumers who are on a low protein diet (very severe kidney or liver disease), may only take it under medical supervision.

9. When can its effects begin to be noticed?

The results, especially the reduction of joint pain, begin to be noticed within 1-3 months of beginning to take the RDA indicated (10 grams) and, like all foods, will remain while it continues to be taken.

10. COLPROPUR and weight control

Although this is not the purpose of prescribing COLPROPUR, it can be a good way to help weight control or dieting, as it contains no fats or sugars, the RDA only contains 40 kcal and, like all protein, it has a satiating and thermogenic effect.

Proteins are the nutrients that cause a greater feeling of fullness and increased thermogenesis (energy use) in the metabolism and digestion process. Correct protein consumption helps to avoid the tendency towards excessive consumption of carbohydrates and to activate fat reserves, thereby assisting in weight control.