General questions:

General questions

Can I take COLPROPUR food products if I’m pregnant or breastfeeding?

Because of its long history in food use, hydrolysed collagen is classified as a food ingredient or product and therefore there is no restriction on use in risk groups like pregnant or breastfeeding women.

However, as a precaution, if you are pregnant or breastfeeding it is advisable to check with your doctor before taking any product. We recommend sensitive groups choose COLPROPUR CARE for the same reason.

Can COLPROPUR cause allergies?

COLPROPUR CARE basically comprises COLPROPUR D® pure hydrolysed collagen, a natural product that can be taken on a continual basis every day with full confidence and that does not cause allergies or unwanted effects.

Despite its high level of safety, the presence of magnesium salt in COLPROPUR ACTIVE makes it not recommendable for magnesium-salt intolerant persons.

Can COLPROPUR make me gain weight?

The recommended dose has a very small number of calories (max. 42Kcal) out of the 2,000 Kcal an adult should consume each day, making it unlikely to make you gain weight.

Can it cause or exacerbate constipation?

No. Patients in clinical studies with hydrolysed collagen showed no appearance or worsening of this problem.

Although protein-rich diets can cause constipation, this effect only comes about if there is not enough fibre or fat, as constipation is caused by the lack of the latter rather than by proteins per se.

Do I have to check with my doctor before taking COLPROPUR?

COLPROPUR supplements are not drugs but foodstuffs so as long as you don’t have a serious illness they can be taken without having to consult your doctor.

However, if you have a serious illness or any important health-related question, you should always ask your specialist.

How much COLPROPUR should I take and how?

We advise taking 10 grams of COLPROPUR D® hydrolysed collagen everyday (the entire content of the dosing unit), preferably with breakfast, dissolved in a liquid food of daily consumption: animal or plant milk (on its own or with coffee, cocoa, etc.), a smoothie, yoghurt, tea, juice, water…

Smaller quantities may mean you don’t get the desired effect, whereas 10 grams per day of hydrolysed collagen is a completely safe amount providing 16% of the daily protein recommended by the World Health Organization for an adult.

What happens if I take more than the recommended amount?

Although COLPROPUR supplements present no health risk, take an excess of any food or nutrient could be harmful. As a precaution, we recommend against regularly exceeding the recommended dose as the effects at higher amounts have not been studied and the desired results are easily obtainable taking the recommended dose and following a varied and balanced diet.

How long can I take COLPROPUR for? Should I have a break from it every now and then?

COLPROPUR products can be taken continuously and do not require a break. It is important to bear this in mind because as with all nutrients, the benefits of COLPROPUR are only maintained so long as you keep taking it.

From what age can a person take COLPROPUR D®?

Because it is a foodstuff and there is no unwanted effects from hydrolysed collagen, COLPROPUR can be taken at any age. However, when used by infants under 2 years of age, we recommend the simplest form of administration, the COLPROPUR CARE, as a precaution.

Which is more effective, land-based collagen like COLPROPUR D® or collagen from marine animals?

The effectiveness of a product based on collagen protein activity does not depend on the species or tissue of the source animal but rather the percentage of protein it contains and the degree of assimilation (hydrolysis).

Contrary to what many people think, marine collagen does not come from algae but rather from thorns, scales and fish skin or from small fish with low economic value.

Compatibility questions:

Compatibility questions

Can I take COLPROPUR if I’m lactose intolerant?

Yes. COLPROPUR does not contain lactose or any other sugar.

Can I take COLPROPUR if I have Coeliac disease?

Yes. Coeliacs can take COLPROPUR with no problem as it is gluten-free.

Can I take COLPROPUR if I also take SINTHROME?

Yes. COLPROPUR is perfectly compatible with SINTHROME and all other oral anticoagulants because, as it basically protein matter, there are no interactions with it or any other type of medicines, just like any other natural source of protein in the diet.

Can I take COLPROPUR if I also take glucosamine or chondroitin sulphate?

Yes. COLPROPUR can be taken at the same time as any type of medicineincluding slow action drugs (SYSADOA) like glucosamine or chondroitin sulphate.

Is COLPROPUR compatible with taking medicines?

Yes. Given that it’s a food product, there is no incompatibility with taking medicines.

Can it be taken at the same time as other food products or supplements?

Yes. COLPROPUR is fully compatible with taking any other food product or supplement, although it is important to know that to make the most of all of the benefits of hydrolysed collagen you only need to take the daily recommended dose, that contain 10 grams of CH, and to follow a varied and balanced diet. There is no need to add any other supplement.

Compatibility with diseases:

Compatibility with diseases

Can I take COLPROPUR if I’m undergoing cancer treatment?

COLPROPUR CARE is pure protein matter with a small amount of Vitamin C so unless your oncologist prescribes a low-protein diet it should be compatible with cancer and cancer treatment.

Additionally, taking pure hydrolysed collagen free of residues and additives is highly indicated following cancer treatment because it helps maintain good bone tissue status, which treatments are especially aggressive in relation to, thus contributing to the wellbeing of people who have received them.

With regards COLPROPUR ACTIVE, the magnesium and hyaluronic supplement it contains should not be an obstacle to using it in these treatments either. In any case, in the event of a serious disease like cancer, it is advisable to check with your specialist and, as a precaution, choose COLPROPUR CARE

Can I take COLPROPUR if I have an inflammatory bowel disease (ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease, etc.) or irritable bowel syndrome?

Yes. COLPROPUR is not contraindicated for any of these conditions.

Can I take COLPROPUR if I have kidney stones or renal colic?

Yes. COLPROPUR provides a moderate amount of protein which is perfectly compatible with these conditions. It does not make them worse as it does not contain any significant amount of substances that contribute to kidney stone formation (oxalates, calcium, purines, uric acid, etc.) or others that are undesirable in any large amount when a person has one of these conditions (salt, sugar, alcohol, etc.).

Can I take COLPROPUR if I have a thyroid problem?

Yes. COLPROPUR is not contraindicated for over- or under-active thyroids because it mainly is protein matter (hydrolysed collagen) iodine-free and very low in salt.

Can I take COLPROPUR if I have hepatitis?

COLPROPUR is not generally contraindicated for hepatitis. Only in the case of very serious liver or kidney failure which makes it necessary to follow a protein-restricted diet should it be taken under medical supervision, as it basically is protein matter.

Can I take COLPROPUR if I have diabetes?

Yes. COLPROPUR  does not contain sugar or other carbohydrates.

Can I take COLPROPUR if I have high levels of uric acid?

Yes. COLPROPUR is very low in purine, a substance the metabolism uses to produce uric acid (the recommended daily dose of COLPROPUR contains 19 mg of purine, a very small quantity compared to the 500 mg/day maximum of a low-purine diet).

Can I take COLPROPUR if I have a cardiovascular risk (high blood pressure, cholesterol or high triglyceride levels)?

Yes. COLPROPUR contains no cholesterol or fat and the daily recommended dose of it contains only 40 mg of sodium, a very small quantity compared to the 2,300 mg/day maximum of a regular diet or the 1,500 mg/day maximum of a low salt/sodium diet.